3 stages to end the mass

-First stage of liturgical reform by the freemason bishop, Bugnini:

"First, we had to eliminate the old way (Latin Mass) of doing things. This was mainly the work of the 1960s, and in thirty years’ time, everyone will have forgotten what came before."

-Second stage of liturgical reform:

"Second, we had to create something new for the time being: this is what people are calling the Novus Ordo.”

These are reported words of Bugnini himself. 

-The third stage is inculturation (Mayan rite...), eliminating Novus Ordo, "giving way to complete inculturation: every liturgy should be made by the community, for its own immediate needs. No liturgical books, just like it was in the ancient church! Even my Mass (Novus Ordo) will disappear, by the year 2000" 

Dr. Maike Hickson