Benefit from 9 daily masses in perpetuity

Perpetual Masses

Glory to you Trinity and to the captives freedom!

It is a Work promoted by the Trinitarian Secretariat of Salamanca, Spain, an organism that depends, in turn, on the Order of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Trinitarian Secretariat sets up various apostolic works for the Christian promotion of society, that is, to ensure that men live a life of true children of God, animated by the Holy Spirit. For this undertaking we seek the collaboration of all men of good will and there are many who, in one way or another, collaborate in this task. Among the various forms of collaboration, not a few do it by means of an economic contribution.

There are 9 daily Masses, which are offered perpetually so that people may know and love God the Trinity and recognize and love each other as brothers and sisters.

These Masses are offered, at the same time, for the spiritual and material needs of those enrolled, whether living or deceased.

To collaborate economically in the works of the Trinitarian Secretariat and, concretely, in the Work of Perpetual Masses in honor of the Most Holy Trinity, we ask for a donation of 15 Euros for each person registered (living or deceased).

All those registered will be sent a certificate, proof of their registration and collaboration.

You can pay 15 euros for each person to whom you want to make this unsurpassable gift, by clicking here: