Francis canonised twelve young criminals

In a move that is now a tradition, Francis has given us another example of crap theology by “canonising” the twelve young criminals whose feet he has, once again, washed.

Once again, we see that this man, even in dying, is unable to think in terms different from his own worldly fake news religion of fake compassion and “one world” blather. As you have already guessed, the twelve (this is, also a tradition), were of both sexes (because we all know that several of the Apostles were females, though we don’t know exactly how many…) and of “diverse religions”, because we have, by now, learned from him that it is perfectly irrelevant whether you are a Christian or not.

Then came the usual canonisation formula:

“During the washing of the feet — I hope to get there because I can’t walk well — during the washing of the feet, think: Jesus washed my feet, Jesus saved me,” he urged the young people.

It’s more heretical than even the Protestants dare to be. One is already saved (and therefore assured of heaven; and therefore canonised, by name, by The Holy Frankieness Herself) because… well, I don’t know! Because he breathes? Yeah, I think that’s pretty much the size of it.

Another Holy Week, another year in which this old nincompoop does not miss the opportunity to sabotage Catholicism and try to substitute it for some utterly worldly, feel-good, utterly cretinous universal salvation fantasy.

Here’s hoping this is his last Holy week.