Hockey team to donate proceeds to pro-life centers

Florida hockey team will donate ticket proceeds to pro-life pregnancy centers

Almost a third of ticket proceeds from a Florida ice hockey game are being devoted to remarkably successful crisis pregnancy centers.

ESTERO, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — A Florida-based professional minor league ice hockey team is devoting over 30 percent of its ticket proceeds to pro-life pregnancy centers scattered throughout the state.

The Florida Everblades Hockey team is donating $6 from every ticket purchased through a special fundraiser site to Community Pregnancy Clinics, which estimates that it saves over a thousand babies a year from abortion. 

The tickets win entry to an April 14 match at the Hertz Arena in Estero, Florida, about 30 minutes south of Ft. Myers.

Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc. (CPCI), founded as one small crisis pregnancy center 49 years ago, has a remarkable success rate in encouraging women to choose life for their preborn children. About 90 percent of the women they serve chose life, as CPCI CEO Gary Ingold has shared.

Ultrasounds are a powerful part of their influence.

PG Schafer, a registered nurse who works at the CPCI clinic in the college town of Gainesville, shared with EWTN in October how she watched a woman “transform” after Schafer showed her an ultrasound of her baby.

“I saw this panicked, upset woman go from ‘deer in the headlights’ to a smile on her face. I literally watched her transform,” said Schafer.

“We were absolutely committed to recreating in Naples the breathtaking ‘conversion rate’ reported in other parts of the country among abortion-minded women,” Patricia Bucalo, a past board member, previously explained to LifeSiteNews. “When they actually had a chance to see the babies on ultrasound, everything changed for them; we wanted to be as much help to them in that process as we could.”

CPCI provides other free services to pregnant mothers including pregnancy testing, counseling, material assistance, and abortion pill reversal hotline referrals, and adoption agency referrals. 

CPCI’s Pamela Grothaus has told LifeSiteNews that the original center was one of the first crisis pregnancy clinics to open after  Roe v. Wade. It was established in 1974, when a parish pro-life ministry in Collier County decided to counter the legalization of abortion with “life-affirming choices for abortion-vulnerable women.”

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