Argentinian Archbishop: Francis “is a vengeful man”

When Benedict XVI appointed John Paul II’s secretary as Krakow Archbishop he acted “according to ecclesiastical common sense", writes former La Plata Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer (Es.News, June 23).

Francis lacked such common sense when he forced Gänswein to return to Germany without honour.

Gänswein was punished because he wrote that Benedict felt "very humiliated” by some of Francis’ decisions. For Aguer Francis’ attitude towards Gänswein shows contempt for Benedict’s work “and perhaps an inferiority complex.”

There is more, “Those who have known Jorge Bergoglio for a long time and have witnessed his actions as Provincial of the Society of Jesus, point to a characteristic of his personality: he is a vengeful man.”

Therefore, his treatment of Gänswein “is nothing less than revenge.”