Prayer: heart to heart dialogue

Jesus says:

Remain attached to my love. I am the Root that sustains the tree of your life.

I am the sweet sap that nourishes and fortifies you on your journey; your tree begins to blossom and bear the first fruits so that many of my children may approach you and be nourished by you.

I invite you to be attached to the wood of the cross, a tree roughly cut, joining its parts to give it its shape. The tree of life is there, learning to bear the cross of each day, that is to say, the cares and difficulties of the moment.

Only in Me will you find light, only in Me will you find rest. I am the divine refuge for your sorrows. Come to Me and you will find delights for your heart. Prostrate yourself before my divine feet as Mary did and drink of my wisdom until your spirit is satiated with Me.

Look at me with love and you will be radiant: let us intertwine our gazes without uttering words and let us make of this moment a colloquy of love in which words are superfluous because presence is the best response to express feelings of gratitude, peace and love. Give me the chalice of your heart, empty, to fill it with the whispers of my gentle breeze and give you fullness. Look at me with eyes open to faith and feel my Heart throbbing for you. Make each moment of prayer a true moment of adoration, for prayer is a dialogue from you to you and from heart to heart.

I am eager to gather the crumbs of love that men offer me, the slight moments that come to me in the tabernacle because time does not allow them, for the things of the world absorb them. 

Give me your time, for your time is my time.

Prayer is the nourishment that strengthens the life and spirit worn out by sin.

Nourish yourself daily by drinking from the Divine Fountain which is my Word.

A Agustín del Divino Corazón. Colombia