The Pedophile War

There is a movement right now to desensitize the world to the sexualization of children. There is a movement to normalize, accept, allow and welcome Pedophilia. It is being taught in mainstream therapy conferences. This is the hidden war against our children.

They are raping 2 year olds and 5 year olds hundreds of times a week. Every year approximately 2 million children are trafficked for rape, torture and sacrifice. 

It is a multi billion dollar business that has already surpassed the illegal arms trade and drug trade because unlike a bag of cocaine that can only be sold one time, a child can be sold 5, 10, 20 times a day over and over every year.

Tim Ballard the founder of Operation Underground Railroad which is fighting this hidden war on child trafficking and Pedophilia worked for the CIA for one year and then worked for Homeland Security when he was asked to form a child trafficking task force. 

Not able to achieve the results he wanted in order to save the children, he left Homeland Security and formed Operation Underground Railroad which has saved thousands of children and put behind bars thousands of child predators and pedophiles.

The Hidden War is a 4 Part Documentary on Global Child Trafficking that is soon to be released worldwide in 2023. Mel Gibson did the final editing of the Sound of Freedom which portrays Tim Ballard's life in this true story movie that will be released July 4th. Mel Gibson was also involved in the making of The Hidden War.  

But this is not only Tim Ballard's war, this is our war, humanities war, this is the final war of good versus evil. The enemy is the Elite Pedophiles who rule our world. This is the war that will define humanity and our future. We must organize, we must expose, we must arrest, we must win this war for the sake of humanity and for the sake of all children on this earth.