The presence of God, One and Triune, in the soul in grace

If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our abode in him1, Jesus answered at the Last Supper to one of his disciples who had asked him why he would manifest himself to them and not to the world, as the Jews of that time thought of the appearance of the Messiah. The Lord reveals that not only He, but the Blessed Trinity itself, would be present in the souls of those who love Him, as in a temple2. This revelation constitutes "the substance of the New Testament", the essence of its teachings.

God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - dwells in our soul in grace not only with a presence of immensity, as is found in all things, but in a special way, through sanctifying grace4. This new presence fills the soul that walks in the ways of holiness with love and ineffable joy. And it is there, in the center of the soul, that we must accustom ourselves to seek God in the most diverse situations of life: in the street, at work, in sports, while resting.... "O most beautiful soul," exclaimed St. John of the Cross, "who so much desires to know the place where your Beloved is, to seek him and to look with him, you are told that you yourself are the chamber where he dwells and the place and hiding place where he is hidden; that it is a thing of great contentment and joy for you to see that all your good and hope is so close to you that it is in you, or, to put it better, you cannot be without him. Know," says the Bridegroom, "that the kingdom of God is within you (Lk 17:21); and his servant St. Paul the Apostle: "You," he says, "are temples of God (2 Cor 6:16)".

This joy of the presence of the Most Blessed Trinity in the soul is not only destined for extraordinary persons, with exceptional charisms or qualities, but also for the ordinary Christian, called to holiness in the midst of his professional duties and who desires to love God with all his being, although, as St. Teresa of Jesus points out, "there are many souls who are in the round of the castle (of the soul), which is where those who guard it are, and it is given them nothing to enter inside, nor do they know what is in that precious place, nor who is inside... "6. In that "precious place", in the soul that shines through grace, God is with us: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This presence, which theologians call indwelling, differs only in its condition from the state of bliss of those who already enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven. And although it is proper to the Three divine Persons, it is attributed to the Holy Spirit, for the work of sanctification is proper to Love.

This revelation, which God made to men, as in loving confidence, from the very beginning, has from the very beginning admired the Christians, and filled their hearts with peace and supernatural joy. When we are well grounded in this supernatural reality - God, One and Triune, dwells in me - we turn life - with its setbacks, and even through them - into a foretaste of Heaven: it is like entering into the intimacy of God and knowing and loving the divine life, in which we become sharers. 

Hablar con Dios