A pro-gay nun for the Synod

Lay Members: Francis Fills Synod with Homosexualists

A new low even for Francis. His personal picks as members of the October Synod – stuffed to the gills with homosexualist bishops - include also on the level of lay mainly homosexualists. Two examples.

Francis appointed Cynthia Bailey Manns, a representative of the Saint Joan of Arc "Catholic community" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Manns is its director of "adult faith formation". Her sect is known for fighting the faith. In 2019, they allowed two rich male homosexuals to present an in vitro produced infant born to a rented mother, and received a standing ovation for promoting homosex adoption.

Further, he appointed Sister Xiskya Valladares, 52, a Nicaraguan living in Spain, who defends homosex pseudo-blessings on her social media channels. Her message is hatred against Catholics: “I do not understand why there is a sector of the Church that continues to be determined, first, to see sin in everything related to [extramarital] sex.”