Archbishop: Francis Wants the "2030-Church"

Retired La Plata Archbishop Hector Aguer, 80, said in a July 4 statement that Francis' working document for the Ex-Bishops' Synod sets out "how to adopt the globalist Agenda 2030 in the Church."

Aguer has known Francis for 45 years. He observes that Francis makes the "synodal democracy" say exactly what he wants it to say, hiding behind the facade of the synod, “It's something like throwing a stone and hiding the hand.”

When Francis' "other Church" is finished, Francis will say in the face of mounting criticism: "I didn't do it’!”

The main topic on the agenda is how the Church can accommodate homosexualism, Aguer notes. He adds that the Vatican no longer speaks with the catechism of “persons with homosexual tendencies” but of "LGBTQ+ people" [correct term: "homosexual temptations" or "homosexual vice"].

For Aguer, it is clear that the "Synod" is designing "another Church" which is "heterogeneous in relation to the great and unanimous Tradition.”