Bergoglio disgusted by Koran burning in Sweden

While the pseudo pontiff laments the burning of the book of the false religion of Allah, which is now destroying 'Christian' France without deigning to open his mouth in its defense, that same 'pope' has set out to dismantle the only true creed founded by the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ, by placing an enemy of the Church in the Congregation that watches over the purity of the Faith. Two Argentines are desolating the Church.

These are the words of the indignant Bergoglio, architect of the Masonic document of Abu Dhabi:

"I am outraged and disgusted by these actions," Francis expressed to Hamad Al-Kaabi, editor of the UAE daily Al-Ittihad, regarding the burning of pages of the Koran in Sweden in recent days.

"Any book considered sacred by its authors must be respected out of respect for its believers, and freedom of expression must never be used as an excuse to despise others, and allowing this, must be rejected and condemned."

Bergoglio thus denounced the burning of the Koran in Sweden.

But, on the other hand it seems great to him to venerate a pagan idol in St. Peter's, the center of Christianity.

The Koran means more to him than our Lord Jesus Christ, since he welcomed with open arms a diabolical artist who dipped a crucifix in his own urine.