So IS the truth getting out? Or isn’t it?

How many deaths have there been already associated with the jabs worldwide, deaths among the young and the old, among the healthy and the medically compromised, how many ‘died suddenlies’ are there?

Plenty. The evidence is there, it’s overwhelming, but those on the other side aren’t moved. Now, there are some ‘ban the jab’ resolutions that have occurred in certain States in the USA, and certain countries have restricted use of certain jabs, but the Big Pharma avalanche continues to gather momentum for mRNA so-called vaccines. There is also some very hopeful data that many people are declining boosters, at least in the United States.

So IS the truth getting out? Or isn’t it?

Judging from the normies I know, it’s not. Anti-vaxxers are nut-jobs and pariahs who are to be shunned by members of the Church of Vaccinology.

The point I wish to make here, psychologically speaking, is that the jab campaign and the propaganda behind it – which has been decades in the marinating – has created a mindset that truth cannot enlighten.

With every asserted jab death or adverse event – particularly among high-profile celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Eric Clapton – the normies dig in with a renewed vigor. In psychoanalytic circles this is known as resistance, and in analytic therapy it is very common to discover that clear demonstrations of the irrationality of defences is met with increasing resistance. In other words, the more you show the truth the stronger the denial of same. It’s as if an army digs deeper trenches the more hopeless their position becomes. Or an ostrich head burrows further down into the sand lest it witness reality.

This has practical consequences for those of us who struggle to win over the masses. Do we continually bludgeon them with examples of the horrific consequences of the jab?

I think not. I think that all this rational and painstakingly clear parade of reality has the effect of stimulating the un-awoke to further anger, aggression and denial. We are, after all, crazy conspiracy theorist anti-vax crazies, and our idea of causality is nothing more than fear-mongering.

You see, they’re already afraid, and unconsciously they already know that they have been deceived, hoodwinked, manipulated and betrayed. But this they can’t admit, because if the light of the little truths about the jab peeks forth, then soon thereafter the floodlights of greater recognition of the house of cards upon which governments have built their fiefdoms will ensue, and with that discovery, with the recognition of State duplicity and State murder – notwithstanding the quaint messages of State concern, as, for example, in their token programs of assistance to fight various cancers, or their support lines for suicidal teens – they’ve got nothing to fall back to.

They bought the materialist ideal, they’ve flaunted their numbers in the complex rat race they’ve accepted, and they’ve got nothing to look forward to except more money, more stuff and more life, even if that life is increasingly hemmed in by their authorities.

So I don’t tell anyone anymore about another drop-dead gorgeous or talented young thing or seasoned celebrity who had recently flaunted his or her jab status on Facebook and now is no more. I live my little life and occasionally, when I see an opening, I make a remark.

Just tonight at a small joint of a Malaysian restaurant which I frequent, I noticed that one of the cooks wasn’t wearing his mask. He had stood out as a masked man and for weeks I had thought to say something when he served me his fine dish of Mee Goreng, but something told me to desist.

Tonight, however, as he rung up my bill – unmasked – I commented on the absence of his disguise and dared to say ‘you know, they don’t work, I’m a doctor’. This, for me, was saying a lot, because these days I am generally close-lipped, as a matter of principle.

He then explained that he wore the mask because he had a lesion on his nose – which I saw – and then he smiled and then I left in great good spirits that maybe some good sense was settling into our crazy world.

Maybe there is hope, after all.