Christ, perfect God, perfect Man

After so much time, Jesus continues to be for many, who do not yet have the supernatural gift of faith or who live in lukewarmness, a blurred, inconcrete figure. As the Apostles responded to Jesus that day in Caesarea Philippi, we could also say to him: some say that you were a man of great ideals, others.... Truly, the words of the Baptist are still relevant today: In your midst is one whom you do not know.

Only the divine gift of faith makes us proclaim at one with the Magisterium of the Church: "We believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God. He is the eternal Word, born of the Father before all ages and consubstantial with the Father...". We believe that in Jesus Christ there are two natures: one divine and the other human, distinct and inseparable, and only one Person, the Second of the Most Blessed Trinity, who is uncreated and eternal, who became incarnate by the Holy Spirit in the most pure womb of Mary. He is born in the greatest destitution, acclaimed by angels from Heaven; he suffers hunger and thirst; he gets tired and sometimes has to lie down on a stone or on the edge of a well; he falls asleep while sailing with those fishermen, so exhausted is he; he weeps at the tomb of his friend Lazarus; he is afraid and dreads death before suffering the outrages of the crucifixion.

Jesus is also a perfect Man. And this Most Holy Humanity of Jesus, equal to ours in everything but sin, has made for us the way to the Father. He lives today - why do you seek him who lives among the dead - and he is still the same. "Iesus Christus heri, et hodie, ipse et in saecula (Hebr 13:8): Jesus Christ, the same one who was yesterday for the Apostles and the people who sought him, lives today for us, and will live forever. It is we men who sometimes fail to discover his face, perennially present, because we look with tired or cloudy eyes"; with a look that is not penetrating because we lack love.