-The greater the obstacles, the greater the graces of God.

 Lord, why have we not been able to cure the boy? why have we not been able to do good in your name? St. Mark, and many manuscripts in which the text of St. Matthew is collected, add these words of the Lord: This kind (of demons) cannot be expelled except by prayer and fasting.

The Apostles could not deliver this demoniac for lack of the necessary faith; a faith that had to be expressed in prayer and mortification. And we also meet people who need these supernatural remedies to get them out of the prostration of sin, of religious ignorance? It happens with souls something similar to what happens with metals, which melt at different temperatures. The interior hardness of the hearts needs, according to the cases, greater supernatural means the more stubborn they are in evil. Let us not leave souls unturned for lack of prayer and fasting.

A faith as big as a mustard seed is capable of moving mountains, the Lord teaches us. Let us ask many times throughout today, and in this moment of prayer, for that faith which then translates into an abundance of supernatural and human means. This is the victory that overcomes the world: our faith. "Before it fall the mountains, the most formidable obstacles that we can find on the road, because our God does not lose battles. So walk in nomine Domini, with joy and confidence in the name of the Lord, without pessimism! If difficulties arise, the more abundant is the grace of God; if more difficulties arise, more grace from God comes down from Heaven; if there are many difficulties, there is much grace from God. Divine help is proportionate to the obstacles that the world and the devil place in the way of apostolic work. Therefore, I would even go so far as to say that it is good for there to be difficulties, because in this way we will have more help from God: where sin abounded, grace abounded much more (Rom 5:20).

The greatest obstacles to those miracles that the Lord also wants to work in souls now, with our collaboration, can come above all from ourselves: because we can, with human vision, diminish the horizon that God continually opens in friends, relatives, colleagues at work or study, or acquaintances. Let us not consider anyone impossible in our apostolic work; as the saints have so often shown, the word impossible does not exist in the soul that lives in true faith. "God is the same as always. -Men of faith are needed: and the wonders that we read in Holy Scripture will be renewed.

"Ecce non est abbreviata manus Domini"-"The arm of God, his power, is not diminished!" He continues to work today the wonders of always.