The soul must run without ever stopping

August 8, 1906 – How it is necessary to run without ever stopping.

This morning blessed Jesus came for just a little, and since I was all tired because of His privation, He told me: “My daughter, in order for the soul to reach her central point, it is necessary that she run always, without ever stopping, because by running, her path will become smoother, and as she keeps going, the point which she must reach in order to find her center will be manifested to her; and along the way, the Grace which is necessary to her journey will be administered to her, in such a way that, helped by Grace, she will not feel the weight of her toiling, or of life. 

All the opposite for one who walks and stops. In fact, just by stopping, she will feel the tiredness of those steps which she has already taken, and will lose stamina for the journey. By not walking, she will not be able to see her point, which is a good most high, and will not be attracted to it. Not seeing her run, Grace will not give itself in vain, and her life will become unbearable, because idleness produces boredom and bother.”

Book of Heaven, vol 7  —L Piccarreta