‘What were His thoughts in receiving the Cross?’

July 27, 1906 – In the Cross, Jesus dowered souls and espoused them to Himself.

This morning, as my adorable Jesus made Himself seen embracing the Cross, I thought in my interior: ‘What were His thoughts in receiving the Cross?’ And He said to me: “My daughter, when I received the Cross, I embraced It as my dearest treasure, because in the Cross I dowered souls and espoused them to Myself. Now, upon looking at the Cross – at Its length and breadth – I rejoiced, because I saw in It sufficient dowries for all my spouses, and none of them could fear not being able to marry Me, because I held in my own hands – in the Cross – the price of their dowry. But with this condition alone: that if the soul accepts the little gifts I send to her – which are the crosses – as the pledge of her acceptance of Me as her Spouse, the marriage is formed and I give her the gift of the dowry. If then she does not accept the gifts – that is, if she is not resigned to my Will – everything is undone, and even if I want to dower her, I cannot, because in order to form a marriage, it always takes the will of both sides; and since the soul does not accept my gifts, it means that she does not want to accept the marriage.”

July 28, 1906 – The daringness of the soul. Jesus defends her.

Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a short time, and as soon as I saw Him, I took Him and clasped Him in my arms – but so tightly, as if I wanted to enclose Him in my heart. At that moment I saw some people around me, saying: “How daring she is, she takes too many liberties, and when one takes liberties, there is not that esteem and respect that one should have.” I felt all ablush in hearing this, but I could not do otherwise; and the Lord said to them: “It can only be said that one loves, esteems and respects an object, when one wants to make it his own; and when one does not want to make it his own, it means that he does not love it, and therefore he has neither esteem nor respect for it. For example: if one wants to know whether someone loves riches, in speaking to him about riches, he holds them in the highest esteem, he respects rich people, for nothing else than because they are rich, and he would want to make all riches his own. If on the other hand he does not love them, in merely hearing one speak about them, he becomes annoyed; and so with all other things. So, rather than blame, she deserves praise; and if she wants to make Me her own, it means that she loves Me, esteems Me and respects Me.”

by the Little Daughter of the Divine Will . Luisa Piccarreta

Book of Heaven, Volume 7