Everything now conforms to La Salette's plan

March 29, 2014

Satan's allies are already dancing within My Church, they do not see the hour to overthrow it completely, they are gaining power day by day, seducing My consecrated ones with great skill.

My children, they are preaching the word of man, not the word of God. 

Beware, my children, do not fall into deception, the liar comes to you crawling on your skin, he puts his poison on you and you do not realize anything. 

Listen to my prophets, remember the prophecies of the saints. 

Trust in the prophecy of Mary Most Holy at La Salette and then at Fatima, for truly I tell you, you are in that time.

April 2, 2014

Beware, my children: at La Salette and at Fatima, the Blessed Mother gave the prophecy which is now being fulfilled. 

Behold, my children, now you will see bishops against bishops, cardinals against cardinals, priests against priests, and you will see the abomination in the House of the Lord.

I ask you to be prudent and to pray that all will be fulfilled quickly. Judas is in his treachery, his cry will be against me. He will denounce the Christ, saying that he never came to earth; he will present another messiah, the false messiah, saying that he is I, and of me he will say that I am the adversary.

Behold, the doctors of the Temple will crucify me again. Yet my crucifiers will cry out, "To death! On the Cross!" Yes, it is true, the Gospel is repeated, My Pain is repeated, for Satan has succeeded in conquering the hearts of My children, he has seduced them with his false light, he has deceived them. 

September 10, 2014

Truly, truly I tell you that I am the Church. No man will ever be able to overthrow Me, for I am He who am, He who created all things out of nothing.

Provide for your spiritual state by putting purity of heart within you! 

Do not be frightened by the visions you will see: everything is already written, but now it is being fulfilled according to God's will! 

The merchants will be driven out of the Holy Temple, God will put them in the hands of my enemies, everything will fall in terror. 

ROME will be in despair and blood will flow in the streets of the Vatican.

The impostor will go to dictate his laws elsewhere, where his church, the church of man, will take root; but God will save the Church of Jesus Christ with the one who will come and take the Christians to lead them where all will be in silence and Love, where the God of Love will celebrate with them the first mass of the New Christian Church.

The Just One is advancing, do not fear, the time is fulfilled! The hour is thundering in the Justice of God the Father!

With you, my children, I will begin a new time, a time of peace, love and joy. Stand firm in this call. Be vigilant for now you will see the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima fulfilled.

But when the darkness comes, behold, the light will come in and it will be light!

Beloved, remain in the Love of God the Father, follow the teachings of His Only Son, Jesus Christ, and hold tightly to the hands of Mary Most Holy.

On this day I declare to you who are present here, the beginning of the Warning: when you see the darkness approaching, run to your homes, close your windows and doors and do not open them to anyone. Do all that has been revealed to you.

03bis December 2020

Now the planets will move, noises will be heard from the sky, the days will darken, ... it is the beginning of sorrows, the prophecies announced at La Salette and Fatima will be before your eyes, you will not be able to escape them, oh men! 

Oh, all of you who have said your cruel no to your God-Love, you will suffer the Hell that you yourselves have created by refusing Life.

Mountains will crumble, seas will rise, rivers will overflow, volcanoes will ignite and the Earth will tremble everywhere.You have reached the end of history, O men, you have not understood the signs of the times, you have not heeded the calls of Heaven....

November 11, 2021

Soon you will be lifted up to Me, my children, you will never again feel pain and you will never again be dominated by evil, for Grace will happen in you, God will take you to Himself and give you of Himself.

Now, everything conforms to the plan of La Salette.

Mary Most Holy is in her intervention, her heel will crush the head of the Ancient Serpent.

This is the turning point of history, everything is in line with the plan, God's desire is to bring His children back to Himself.

Let's go! The procession begins, the drums beat to death, ... the capital of Italy is about to be besieged.

Watch and pray. Amen.