Extend the reign of Christ

After a time that lord returned with the royal investiture; then, he splendidly rewarded those servants who took pains to make yield what they received, and severely punished those who in his absence rejected him and one of the administrators who wasted time and did not make yield the mine he had received. "The evil servant did not apply himself and returned nothing; he did not honor his master and was punished. To glorify God is, on the contrary, to dedicate the faculties that He has given me to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him, and in this way to give Him back my whole being "6. This is the end of our life: to give glory to God now here on earth with what we have entrusted to us, and then in eternity with the Blessed Virgin, the angels and the saints. If we keep this in mind, what good stewards we will be of the gifts that the Lord has willed to give us so that with them we may earn Heaven!

"St. Augustine used to say: "It will never be a burden to you to have loved him. The Lord is already a good payer in this life when we are faithful. What will it be like in Heaven! Now it is up to us to extend the reign of Christ on earth, in the midst of the society in which we live: in the family, at work, among our neighbors, among our university or workshop colleagues, among our clients, among our students.... Most especially among those whom we have entrusted to us in some way. "Do not let your little ones out of your hands; contribute to the salvation of your home with every care, " the holy Bishop of Hippo strongly advised.

In these days, as we await the Solemnity of Christ the King, we can prepare ourselves by repeating some ejaculatory prayers: Regnare Christum volumus, we want Christ to reign, and first of all we want this reign to become a reality in our intelligence, in our will, in our heart, in our whole being9. 9 That is why we ask him: "My Lord Jesus: make me feel, let me so second your grace, that I empty my heart... so that you may fill it, my Friend, my Brother, my King, my God, my Love!

Hablar con Dios