Francis Plays Concerned

Francis Plays Concerned: Large Parts of German Church Are Anti-Catholic

Four conservative dropouts from the German Synod (Gerl-Falkovitz, Schlosser, Schmidt, Westerhorstmann) wrote to Francis on 6 November expressing their concerns about the Church in Germany.

A November 10 reply letter with a presumably scanned signature from Francis allegedly shows understanding for this:

"I too share this concern about the now numerous concrete steps by which large parts of this local Church threaten to move further and further away from the common path of the universal Church," Francis claims.

He mentions the establishment of a synodal committee to prepare for the introduction of a decision-making body. The Vatican "prohibited" this in January, but without the intention to enforce the ban.

In addition, Francis' personnel decisions systematically promote the heresies of the German Synod across the Church.