God's Generosity

The Lord, more generous than all the kings of the earth, promised a hundredfold in this life, and then eternal life.13 He wants us to be happy in this life as well. He wants us to be happy also in this life: those who follow him generously obtain, already here on earth, a joy and a peace that far surpass human joys and consolations. This joy is a foretaste of Heaven, To have him near is already the best retribution. He is so grateful," writes St. Teresa, "that to lift up our eyes and remember Him does not leave us without reward.

Every day, the Lord awaits the simple offering of our labors, of the little difficulties that we will always encounter, of charity well lived, of time spent in favor of others, of generous almsgiving..... In this daily dedication to others "it is necessary to go beyond strict justice, according to the exemplary conduct of the widow who teaches us to give generously even of that which pertains to one's own needs. Above all, we must keep in mind that God does not measure human acts with a yardstick based on the appearance of how much has been given. God measures according to the measure of the inner values of how we make ourselves available to our neighbor: a measure according to the degree of love with which we freely give ourselves to the service of our brothers and sisters "

Our offerings to God, often of so little apparent importance, will reach the Lord better if we do it through Our Lady. Whatever little you wish to offer," St. Bernard recommends, "try to place it in the hands of Mary, most gracious and most worthy of all esteem, so that it may be offered to the Lord without suffering from his rejection.

Hablar con Dios