Grace is part of Me

Jesus told me: “Since Grace is part of Me, as you possess It, with reason and by strict necessity everything that forms your being cannot be without Me. This is the reason why everything asks you for Me and you are tortured continuously. Since you are soaked with Me and filled with part of Me, only when they possess Me, not only in part, but completely – then do they find peace and remain content.” 

And as I lamented about my hard position, He added: “I too experienced extreme abandonment in the course of my Passion, even though my Will was always united with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. And I wanted to suffer this in order to divinize the cross completely; so much so, that in looking at Me and in looking at the cross, you will find the same splendor, the same lessons, and the same mirror in which you can reflect yourself continuously, with no difference between the two.”

Book of Heaven, L Piccarreta