I ardently await you in my tabernacle

My children, it is Jesus of Nazareth who speaks to you, your God and your Brother. Today I want to tell you something that many of you do not take into account, but that from this Message, many of you will consider. You pass by the door of the Temple and you know that I am there in the Tabernacle, with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, and you do not deign even once, not even for a few moments, to pay Me a visit. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Children, I ardently await you and I desire that you enter even for an instant and visit Me, say any praise or act of faith, or simply genuflect, and thus, your faith is renewed by these things that seem small, but done with faith and love are great in the Mystical Body and before My Eyes.

You, My children, who know how to love your children, your husbands and wives, your parents and siblings, you must also know how to love Me, because those details done repeatedly help you yourselves and update your faith which must be constantly renewed. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Come, My children, come to My Tabernacle and give Me your acts of love, faith and adoration that I will not forget and you will see how your soul already enjoys the eternal even in this life, because I, children, am the Eternal, the Eternal One, the One who had no beginning and will have no end, and whoever believes in Me and demonstrates it to Me, walks on the paths of Eternal Life. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Teach your little ones to visit Me, just as you teach them not to throw papers on the ground or not to cross at red lights. Teach them to love and adore their God and Lord, because he who knows how to give to God what corresponds to him as a child, will also know how to give to his neighbor what corresponds to him as an adult. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Whoever knows how to treat God will know how to treat his neighbor and will be just in the position he occupies as an adult, because he who is just for God will also be just for his fellow men, because these two commandments then attract the others: Thou shalt love God above all things and thy neighbor as thyself. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you. Peace to all who read this Message and put it into practice.

A Dios lo que es de Dios JUNE 09, 2013