In 2015 the Vatican Still Forbad Transvestite Godparents

In his response to the recent Dubia on transvestite godparents, the homosexualist Tucho Fernández superficially used ambiguous formulations to deceive. The text was unambiguously intended to get headlines in the oligarchs media such as, “Vatican says transgender people can be godparents”.

Just eight years ago, the Vatican presented a "different truth". In 2015, a Spanish woman calling herself "Alex" Salinas, asked to be the “godfather” of her nephew. But the CDF told Cádiz Bishop Rafael Zornoza Boy that it was "impossible" for transvestites to fulfil their duties as a godparent because they do not live the truth of the Gospel.

The CDF explained that transvestitism reveals an attitude that is opposed to resolving "the problem of sexual identity according to the truth of one's own sexuality" and therefore cannot be a godparent.

But then came tricky Tucho.