Jesus wants her united with Him —L Piccarreta

January 9, 1901 – Jesus wants her united with Him, like a Sun’s ray which receives from It life, heat and splendor.

This morning I felt all oppressed and crushed, so much so, that I went in search of relief. My only Good made me wait a long time for His coming. Then, on coming, He told me: “My daughter, did I not take your passions, miseries and weaknesses upon Myself for love of you? Would you not want to take those of others upon yourself for love of Me?”

Then He added: “What I want is that you be always united with Me, like a Sun’s ray which remains always fixed in the center of the Sun, and which receives from It life, heat and splendor. Suppose that a ray could depart from the center of the Sun – what would become of it? Immediately after leaving, it would lose life, light and heat, and would return to darkness, reducing itself to nothing. Such is the soul: as long as she remains united with Me, in my center, it can be said that she is like a Sun’s ray which lives, receives life from the Sun, and goes wherever the Sun wants. In sum, it remains at the complete disposal and at the will of the Sun; if then she distracts herself and disunites from Me, there she is – all darkness, cold, and without feeling within herself that supernal spur of divine life.” Having said this, He disappeared.

by the Little Daughter of the Divine Will --Luisa Piccarreta 

Volume 4