Jury Acquits Catholic Priest

Jury Acquits Catholic Priest Charged With Sexual Assault

In April 2022, Father Antony Punnackal of St. Mary’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was accused of “assaulting” a mother of three, including his full name and picture.

Knoxville Diocese, of course, was accused of “mishandling a report” about the case. As usual, the plaintiff hid behind anonymity.

She claimed that Punnackal “locked” her in a room in February 2020 and "fondled her breasts and buttocks." The woman "rebuffed” him but “he continued his assault."

She met with Punnackal for “grief counselling” after the father of the woman's third child was killed.

The oligarchs' media also accused then Knoxville Bishop Stika of praising Punnackal.

The “assault” caused the plaintiff such emotional distress that she voluntarily gave temporary custody of her children to the government.

But on November 20, a jury has found Punnackal not guilty.

Father Doug Owens of Knoxville Diocese acknowledged that “the stress Father Punnackal endured in the many months leading up to his trial must have been unimaginable.”