Now the planets will move

Revelations from the HILL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD

Carbonia, Italy, July 2, 2020

Now shall the planets move! I design a new heaven!

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, whoever believes in Me is saved.

The pains will begin now for this wicked mankind who does not want to return to his Creator God. The wrath of the Father is about to manifest itself to men.

Oh men! Oh you! Now you do not want to accept these words of mine, soon you will beg me but it will be too late. The hour of purification has come, man will suffer his ordeal.

The so much mentioned asteroid must be seen before your eyes, oh wicked men.  You will ask Me for help but My ears will not hear your lament because you have transgressed all My rules: ... Just as you have not recognized Me as your God, neither will I recognize you; you will reap what you have sown.

Now the planets will move! They will show My will! I draw a new heaven!

Everything belongs to Me, I create and destroy what does not belong to Me.

The Key of life is in Me, whoever does not recognize Me as the One True God cannot have life because he cannot enter into Life.

God is Eternal Love, He is the One who loves you infinitely and calls you to Himself in these last moments before His intervention in His Enough.

You, oh man, where do you think you are going without your Creator God, without the One to whom you belong, since He created you for Himself? To whom will you turn to live?

You, O man, were created for eternity, to enjoy the Wholeness of God.

But, one damned day you got caught in the Lie, you turned your back on Life, you turned against Life, you gave yourself over to eternal death.

Blaspheme no more, oh man, ... your conversion is urgent, God is in a hurry, do not let Satan take you with him.

Repent now, do not wait any longer, turn your heart to me, have pity on yourself, death lurks, do not be surprised without me, do not miss the opportunity to live eternity in me.

The terrible moment that is coming will be deadly for many: ...... who has not put the Shield on him, that is, My protection, will be taken by the Devil, he will be dragged with him into the deep gorges of Gehenna.

 I will strike My Church... and the whole world!

You have but a few moments at your disposal for your conversion, oh men, the time is marked, soon it will be the Enough of God!

Convert, men, convert! Do not be fools, renounce Satan, return to Him who created you, long for life, not death.