The Earth is dying, the beings that inhabit it are dying


Carbonia April 13, 2020

It is with all My Love that I come to you, My little ones!

Beloved children of Love, now the beauties of this world fade away, the new life in its wonders must be for you, in Me.

I will erase all evil, I will make you new in Me, in the delights of My All you will enter to visit Love.

... Understand, my children, these words of mine and go to where all is heaven.

The Earth is dying, the beings that inhabit it are dying, both in the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The earth and the sea are shaken with force, they vomit all that man has poured into their bellies, all the poisons they have made him ingest.

Even the water of the springs is already polluted, nothing good will remain, everything will die. My wrath is great because I have given you a productive Earth with lush fields and springs of clear water.

You were the cause of all this.

Because of your greed for money, you have subdued nature to reject everything; now you will take the poisons, through the air, through the food you take to feed yourselves and through the water to quench your thirst.

The earth is dying, man is perishing because of your folly, death is lurking around you, poor men, what a calamity, you are about to die!

Now I address myself to the small remnant who daily, in incessant prayer, implore my divine intervention and ask for the grace of liberation:

My children, prepare your hearts, none of you will be neglected, for behold, I am coming to bring you to safety.

My Most Holy Mother will soon knock at the door of each of my children and seal them in Me. She will return them to me holy and spotless with love.

The poison spread in this humanity by criminals has been abundant, but none of God's children shall perish.