The first positions

Every day is a good day to spend some time in prayer with Our Lady, but on this, the Sabbath, many Christians from all parts of the world try to spend the day very close to Mary. We approach her today so that she may teach us to progress in that virtue that is the foundation of all the others, which is humility, for she "is the door through which the graces that God grants us pass; she is the one who seasons all our actions, giving them so much value, and making them pleasing to God. Finally, she makes us masters of God's heart, to the point of making him, so to speak, our servant; for God has never been able to resist a humble heart. "1 She is so necessary for salvation that Jesus takes advantage of every circumstance to extol her.

The Gospel of the Mass tells us that Jesus was invited to a banquet. At the table, as is often the case in our day, there were places of greater honor. The guests, perhaps a bit hastily, made their way to these more considerate places. Jesus watched. Perhaps when the meal was coming to an end, in the moments when the conversation became more relaxed, the Lord said to them: When you are invited to a wedding, do not sit in the first place.... On the contrary..., go and sit in the last place, so that when the one who invited you arrives, he will say to you: friend, go up higher. Then you will be very honored before all the diners. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled; and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Jesus would probably place himself in a discreet place or where he was indicated by the one who had invited him. He knows how to be, and at the same time he is aware of that inelegant attitude, also from the human point of view, adopted by the diners. These, on the other hand, were radically mistaken because they did not realize that the best place is always at Jesus' side. It was to get there, next to the Lord, that they had to struggle. In the lives of men and women we often observe an attitude similar to that of those diners: how much effort to be considered and admired, and how little to be close to God! Today we ask Our Lady, during this time of prayer and throughout the day, to teach us to be humble, which is the only way to grow in love for her Son, to be close to Him. Humility conquers the Heart of God. "Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae"-because He saw the lowliness of His handmaid....

"-Every day I am more and more persuaded that authentic humility is the supernatural basis of all the virtues!

"Speak to Our Lady, so that she may train us to walk along this path "

Hablar con Dios