The martyr Paul VI and his double

EXORCISM OF MAY 1, 1978 - The Feast of Saint Joseph


Avowal of the angelic demon, Allida:


“All would be completely destroyed - in the Vatican - if it were not for the presence of the true Pope. Yes! If the Pope were not praying, on his knees, day and night, and sending his pleas up to the Lord, by now the Church would have been wrecked - the whole Church would have reached the bottom. But this Holy Father, with his great sanctity, has been installed and predestined so that the Church does not sink.

Your Church would not be The Church any more if Pope Paul VI had not existed. But Pope Paul VI has been predestined for all eternity in the Plan of God, for this age: so that that Church would not be submerged and that one man, the Pope, would know how to carry it. Because his sufferings and his crosses allow him to carry it still. Every day he is living a martyrdom, a great martyrdom. The Pope bears immense sorrows, which no one else among those who are in the Vatican, would be capable of bearing.

And foul mouths have the temerity to attack this very Holy Father! For it is not the Pope who has set the Church in the wrong direction, but the double and his helpers. These wretches do not realize that the sufferings which they have been responsible for in the soul of the Pope, have been the means by which they have donned the boots which are leading them to Hell and condemning them.

It is we (demons - by order of the Most Holy Trinity) who are making known what the Gospel has already repeated several times ... that Hell is a terrible thing. Neither the Gospel, nor all the descriptions which could be given to you, would be able to convey to you the appalling thing which is Hell. And we are the ones who are suggesting to everybody, priests or lay people, that Hell does not exist.”