There are three floods, and all three are sad

Message #1395

There are three floods, and all three are sad

Avola, Sunday, October 11, 2009, 6 p.m.

Vision and private message of the Lord Jesus to Giuseppe Auricchia

Giuseppe Auricchia: "On the eleventh of October I was in church for Holy Mass, when I came home I don't know what happened, in the afternoon while I was praying, at 6 p.m., I saw Jesus and so He said to me:"

Lord Jesus, "Joseph listen to me, what is meant in the time when the Holy Spirit will send the Fire of divine love over all the earth and make His flood, because there are three floods and all three are sad and are sent to destroy sin.

The first flood was the Father's, it was a flood of water.

The second is that of the Son, it was a flood of blood.

The third is that of the Holy Spirit and it will be a flood of fire (Rev. 7:8 and 8:10) but it will be as grim as the others because it will find much resistance and quantities of green wood difficult to burn.

The two have passed away but the third remains and just as the first two were foretold long before they happened and so the last, the time of which God alone knows precisely, there will be a deluge of fire.

When it will be that flood of fire of pure love that you are to kindle on the whole earth so sweetly and vehemently that all the nations, the Turks, (understood as a Muslim nation? - ed.), the idolaters and the Jews themselves will burn from it and be converted.

Joseph, a fearsome Chastisement is about to happen upon the world that will overpower everything that has happened so far in human history and that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself qualified a little hint of."

Joseph Auricchia: "In these days I have been given a final message but I have not been allowed to reveal the date but only to tell the world that a great warning will hit humanity and after this cataclysm a great miracle. After the miracle if mankind does not convert God the Father will initiate a terrible Chastisement."

Lord Jesus: "Behold, look, what do you see?"

Joseph Auricchia: "I see the sky turning a very bright red, I see a huge sphere that in the center has a grayish color, while the outer circle is a fiery red, the sphere is whirling around changing color and when in its trajectory it approaches the sun a great explosion takes place.

Everything seems motionless.

I see people in front of their houses as everything begins to shake. A thick fog spreads across the sky like a large cloud, while a shower of fiery rock splinters falls to the earth.

The sun also seems to throw particles and the sphere reappears after being behind the sun.

Everyone is afraid, some go out into the streets, some run to the windows but do not come out, you must not go out.

I see this darkness, the moon is completely covered, there is no light, the sky is very black, it looks like night.

Cars on the road slow down, everything stops, lights go out, people get out of cars running in all directions.

It's panic, many kneel down and then a roar is heard, waves rise up, climb the banks bringing down buildings, the sky clears, the sun reappears but it doesn't shine.

To the right the moon appears but it too sends out a dim light, a white ring surrounds it. How terrible it is and I cry out, but what do I see my God? What is that fire?

Oh no, no, no, it is not possible, I see Italy that will be a sea of fire, is it always the end of the world?"

Lord Jesus: "The product of your behavior!"

Joseph Auricchia: "Oh no, no, everything is burning, poor creatures! I'm watching the ships as they burst and break into so many pieces, I'm seeing an earthquake and the earth split open, tell me, O my God, will it all happen as you showed me in the vision? The huge fireball? The Lord took me back, saying,"

Lord Jesus, "It is not I who will send you the chastisement, but you yourselves will provide it.

Joseph soon you will see how fire from heaven will fall on your heads. You are tired, write it all down. I bless you."