This is the hour of rescue!

Carbonia 07.11.2023

This is the hour of rescue!

Beloved daughter,

my ordeal has been very painful,

My executioners had no mercy on Me,

Even today they crucify Me with their offenses.

Write My sweet flower, write to My children:

Know that your day is coming again in God's mercy.

I will speak to the hearts of men.

Behold, the thunder of the wrath of God the Father is already heard,

the hearts of the wicked will become fearful.

God in his Omnipotence

will launch his wrath against the wicked,

he will exterminate evil,

he will restore to his people their lost peace.

The east wind blows strong,

the cursed hurricane of evil is about to embrace the whole Earth,

this Humanity will suffer a great ordeal.

An asteroid is approaching the Earth!!!!

My children, My faithful People

I consecrate you to My Heart,

I embrace you to Me,

I raise you up from this furnace.

Open your heart to Me, oh man,

awaken from the things of the world:

nothing belongs to you

abandon sin;

cling to Me,

give me your life,

place everything in my holy hands,

so that I, your loving God, your Creator.

give you back true life in Me.

Arise "new" My blessed Son,

rise to the new Sun:

Life on this Earth will pass away,

beyond this life there is true life in immense love and joy.

Man does not want to leave what he has created for himself in this world,

but the time comes to choose,

the farewell to the superfluous things will be the beginning of the Things in God 

those that will never pass away because they are in God and belong to God!

Beloved Sons

surrender yourselves to Me

may your "yes" to Me be faithful, trust in Me,

do not turn your back on Me

do not let yourselves be trapped by Satan.

My beloved creatures,

here I am for all of you who say you love Me but in truth you love yourselves and what you possess on this earth.

and what you possess on this earth,

...truly I say to you: everything will pass away from the things of this world,

everything will be swept away, do not lose your souls

by keeping things that you will no longer possess.

Do not oppose Me, do not be stingy with your God Love, be honest with Him, do not create traps, ...God is! The power and the strength are in Him.

Do not listen to evil counselors: 

...they clothe themselves with light, but they belong to darkness.

Do not make the mistake of setting yourselves against your God.

Winter comes in with a bent leg:

There shall be war in all nations, in your houses!

Do not seize the treasures you possess on earth: leave them to Me;

Do not doubt My Love and My faithfulness.

I am He Who created all things and Who will destroy all things,

...I will sweep away evil, I will restore the luster to My poor Sons,

those who for love of Me have given their lives for Me.

Go ahead My children:

Trust in My Love,

do not be traitors, but "just" and "faithful to Love".

I will catch you asleep...!

Do not offend your God with promises you will not keep, lest His wrath fall upon you.

Do not trifle with Him who created you and gave Himself for your salvation.

This is the hour of rescue: ...he who will understand, let him understand!