To have the same feelings of Jesus

The weeping of Jesus over Jerusalem contains a profound mystery. He has cast out demons, cured the sick, raised the dead, converted tax collectors and sinners, but before this city he encounters the hardness of its inhabitants. We can glimpse something of what was happening in his Heart when today we encounter the resistance of so many who are closed to grace, to the divine call. "Sometimes, in the face of these sleeping souls, there is a mad desire to cry out to them, to shake them, to make them react, so that they may come out of this terrible stupor in which they are submerged. It is so sad to see how they go about, beating about the bush, without finding the way!

"How I understand the weeping of Jesus for Jerusalem, as the fruit of his perfect charity... "

We Christians continue the work of the Master and share in the sentiments of his merciful Heart. Therefore, looking to him, we must learn to love our human brothers and sisters, treating each one as he or she is, in his or her particular circumstances, understanding his or her deficiencies when they exist, always being cordial and available to help, to serve. From Christ we have to learn to be very human, excusing, encouraging to go ahead, trying -every day- to make life more pleasant and friendly to those who share the same home, the same work, identical hobbies, sacrificing our own tastes, however legitimate they may be, when they hinder coexistence, taking a sincere interest in their health and illness.... And above all, we will be especially concerned about the state of the souls of the people we deal with every day, whom we try to help on their journey towards Christ: those who are close to you, so that they may draw closer to you; those who are far away, so that they may take the road back to the Father's house. "There is no sign, there is no mark that distinguishes a Christian better than the care he has for his brothers and sisters, " said St. John Chrysostom.

Today we ask Our Blessed Mother Mary to give us a heart similar to that of her Son, never to remain indifferent to the fate of those who treat us every day.

Hablar con Dios