‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago’

Australian Gov’t Official Blows Whistle: ‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago’

A senior Australian government official has blown the whistle on how the global elites planned the COVID pandemic decades in advance.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts revealed that globalists worked with world leaders to plot the pandemic in order to advance their Great Reset agenda for humanity.

According to Roberts, sacrificing millions of people around the globe was all part of their depopulation plan.

NN reports: The so-called “pandemic” was planned and globally co-ordinated, decades in advance, he testified before the Australian Senate.

However, Robert issued a warning to the globalist elite that they will be exposed and held accountable.

“But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty,” he warned.

“We are going to hound you down and hold you accountable…

“We will expose your global agenda.”

Roberts has previously raised the alarm about Covid mRNA shots being pushed onto the public.

The One Nation Party senator noted that potato chips come with ingredient lists while vaccine ingredients are kept secret.

On January 13, Senator Roberts tweeted:

“How is it that vaccine ingredients are not disclosed & yet a simple packet of potato crisps in supermarket MUST have the ingredients listed by LAW?”

Roberts is currently spearheading a cross-party inquiry into the government’s response to the pandemic, dubbed “Covid Under Question.”