Ascetic struggle and examination of conscience

Fostering the spirit of struggle will lead us to make an examination of conscience every day. From this we will often draw a point on which to improve for the following day and an act of contrition for the things in which we were not entirely faithful to the Lord that day. This vigilant love, an effective desire to seek the Lord throughout the day, is the polar opposite of lukewarmness, which is laziness, lack of interest, laziness and sadness in our obligations of piety towards Him.

This desire to struggle will not always lead us to victory: there will be failures, but atonement and contrition will bring us closer to God. Contrition rejuvenates the soul.

"In the face of our miseries and our sins, in the face of our mistakes - even if, by God's grace, they are of little importance - let us go to prayer and say to our Father: Lord, in my poverty, in my fragility, in this poor clay of mine of a broken vessel, Lord, place some reeds in me and - with my pain and with your forgiveness - I will be stronger and more gracious than before! A consoling prayer, so that we can repeat it when this poor clay of ours is destroyed "

And, once again, close to Christ. With a new joy, with a new humility. Humility, sincerity, repentance... and to begin again. It is necessary to know how to begin once again; as many times as necessary. God counts on our fragility.

 God always forgives, but it is necessary to get up, to repent, to go to Confession when necessary. There is a deep, incomparable joy every time we begin again. Throughout our life we have to do it many times, because there will always be faults and we will always have deficiencies, weaknesses, sins. Perhaps this time of prayer can help us to begin again. The Lord counts on our failures, but he also expects from us many small victories throughout our days. In this way, we will not fall into gentrification, laziness or lack of love.

Hablar con Dios