Bergoglio and Fernández want to build a "new church" commented on 19 December on the recent homosex-propaganda text by Francis and Fernández that "allows" a "blessing" of practised homosexuality, which is a mortal sin. His main points.

- The scribble was written by Fernández and Bergoglio and published without going through the usual channels, allegedly infuriating the Roman Curia. Only two years ago, Tucho's Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith said the opposite, and the theologians who work there are still the same people.

- Caminate-Wanderer believes that Cardinal Parolin "must be furious" because a few weeks ago he told the German bishops that the question of blessing homosexual practices was non-negotiable.

- There are no "pastoral reasons" for the Bergoglio/Fernández scribble. Homosexual couples are not crowding the doors of the churches waiting to be blessed. Those who wanted such blessings have received them. This has been the practice in Argentina [and elsewhere] for at least 25 years.

- The main reason is that Bergoglio and Fernández want to build a "new church" [= sect] that has nothing to do with the Church of Christ.

- There are also personal reasons for the two, since Bergoglio has a "psychopathic" and Fernández a "feminine" personality.

- Fernández never got over the humiliation when, in 2010, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prevented him from becoming rector of the Catholic University of Argentina precisely because of his little veiled defence of homosexual practices.

- The scrawl of Bergoglio and Fernández "abolishes" the sixth commandment of the Decalogue, which is divine law. From now on, any sexual deviation [including paedophilia?] "deserves" to be blessed.

- Caminate-Wanderer notes that two "scoundrels" are destroying the Church and there is basically no reaction from cardinals and bishops.