Bringing joy to others. It is indispensable in all apostolic work

A sad soul is at the mercy of many temptations. How many sins have been committed in the shadow of sadness! When the soul is joyful, it pours itself out and is a stimulus to others; sadness darkens the atmosphere and does harm. Sadness is born of the selfishness of thinking of oneself with forgetfulness of others, of indolence in the face of work, of lack of mortification, of the search for compensation, of neglect in dealing with God.

Forgetting oneself, not being excessively preoccupied with one's own things, is an indispensable condition for knowing Christ, the object of our joy, and for serving him. Those who are excessively preoccupied with themselves will find it difficult to find the joy of openness to God and to others.

A smile, a cordial word, a little praise, to avoid tragedies over things of little importance that we must let pass and forget. In this way we contribute to making life more bearable for the people around us. That is one of the great missions of the Christian: to bring joy to a world that is sad because it is moving away from God.

On many occasions the watering can lead to the source. These signs of joy will lead those who treat us habitually to the source of all true joy, to Christ our Lord.

Let us prepare Christmas together with St Mary  Let us also try to prepare it in our environment, fostering a climate of Christian peace, and let us offer many small joys and tokens of affection to those around us. People need proof that Christ was born in Bethlehem, and there are few proofs as convincing as the usual joy of the Christian, even when pain and contradictions arise. Our Lady had plenty of them when she arrived in Bethlehem, tired from such a long journey, and when she could not find a worthy place for her Son to be born; but these problems did not make her lose the joy that God became man and dwelt among us.

Hablar con Dios