The Pope Contradicts the Will of God - Bishop Eleganti

The "so-called Magisterium of Francis" that was invented by Tucho Fernández and presented by him as something "new", is a nonsensical neologism, because the task of a pope is to preserve the faith, not to invent a new one. This is what Bishop Marian Eleganti, 68, , who is retired since February 2021, writes on

Referring to Francis’ recent homosexual propaganda, Mgr Eleganti explains that a sinful practice cannot be blessed because it contradicts the order of creation and the will of God.

If such a "blessing" is given anyway, it has no effect. Bishop Eleganti explains to Francis that a blessing is not a sacrament ("ex opere operato") but depends on the inner disposition of the one who gives the blessing ("ex opere operantis"). A priest can bless those entangled in homosexual sins only for their efforts to leave that vice.

Meanwhile, the Swiss bishops have approved Francis’ "blessing" of homosexuals in a statement on 19 December. They call it "in line" with their desire for an "open church", but the "church" of these bishops, which is in the midst of an advanced process of dissolution, is only open to heresy.

Their parishes would collapse within days if the compulsory church tax that keeps them artificially alive were removed.