Giving joy and serenity to those who lack them

In the beatitude in which the gift of peace is enunciated, "the Lord is not satisfied with eliminating all quarrels and enmity between one and another, but asks us to do something more: that we try to make peace with those who are at enmity ".

The Christian is a man open to peace and his presence should bring serenity and joy. But it is a question of true peace, not of its substitutes. We are blessed when we know how to bring peace to those who are afflicted, when we serve as instruments of union in the family, among our co-workers, with all people in the midst of the events of daily life. In order to carry out this most important task, we must be humble and affable, for pride only causes dissension14. The man who has peace in his heart knows how to communicate it almost without intending to do so, and others look to him for support and serenity: he is a great help in the apostolate. We Christians must spread the inner peace of our hearts wherever we are. On the contrary, the bitter, the restless and the pessimistic, who lack peace in their hearts, destroy everything in their path.

Especially blessed by the Lord will be those who watch for peace among the nations and work for it with right intention; and, above all, those who pray and sacrifice themselves to put men at peace with God. This is the first task of any apostolic activity. The apostolate of Confession, which moves us to bring our friends to this sacrament should have a special reward in Heaven, for this sacrament is truly the greatest source of peace and joy in the world. "They do not speak of God's severity the confessionals scattered throughout the world, in which men manifest their own sins, but rather of his merciful goodness. And those who approach the confessional, sometimes after many years and with the weight of grave sins, at the moment of leaving it, find the desired relief, find joy and serenity of conscience, which outside of Confession they cannot find anywhere else "

Those who have the peace of the Lord and promote it around them will be called children of God. And St. John Chrysostom explains the reason: "Indeed, this was the work of the Only Begotten: to unite those who were far apart and to reconcile those who were at war ".  In our own family, in the workplace, among our friends, could we not also, during this time of Advent, foster a greater union with God among the people around us and an even more amiable and joyful coexistence?

Hablar con Dios