Mary is our refuge

Sancta Maria, refugium nostrum et virtus... Refuge and strength for us.

The word refuge comes from the Latin lugere, to flee from something or someone.... When we go to a refuge, we flee from the cold, from the darkness of the night, from a storm; and we seek security, shelter and refuge. When we turn to Our Lady, we find the only true protection against temptations, discouragement, loneliness.... Often just the fact of beginning to pray to her is enough for the temptation to disappear, to recover peace and optimism. If at any moment we encounter more difficulties and temptations become more pressing, we must go promptly to take refuge under the mantle of Our Lady. "All the sins of your life seem as if they stand up. Do not be suspicious. On the contrary, call upon your Mother Holy Mary, with childlike faith and abandonment. She will bring peace to your soul ".

In her we will always find shelter and protection. She "consoles our fear, moves our faith, strengthens our hope, dispels our fears and encourages our faintheartedness " Her children, perceiving her motherly love, take refuge in her imploring forgiveness, and "contemplating her spiritual beauty, they strive to free themselves from the ugliness of sin, and meditating on her words and example, they feel called to fulfill the commands of her Son.

My Mother, Refuge of sinners, teach us to recognize our sins and to repent of them. Come out to meet us when we find the way back to your Son difficult, when we feel lost.

Hablar con Dios