Texas Sues Pfizer for Conspiracy to Censor Vaccine Critics

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced his office is moving to hold Pfizer to account after uncovering evidence of a conspiracy to censor anyone who raised concerns about the pharmaceutical giant’s Covid mRNA shots.

AG Paxton has initiated legal action by filing a lawsuit against Pfizer.

Paxton’s suit, filed on Thursday, accuses Pfizer of making deceptive statements about the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

The state’s top prosecutor also alleges that Pfizer was running an online censorship campaign that sought to silence questions regarding the safety and efficiency of the high-profitable injections.

Paxton’s lawsuit accuses Pfizer of engaging in misleading marketing practices that violate the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The suit contends that Pfizer exaggerated the ability of its vaccine to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic and asserts that the company’s claims of 95 percent effectiveness were not entirely straightforward.

Paxton’s lawsuit takes issue with the way Pfizer presented the results of its vaccine’s efficacy.

More than 366 million doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine were used in the United States.

Efficacy analysis showed a 95 percent “effectiveness” rate 28 days following the initial dose.

However, Paxton argues these results were attained through methods that were more technical and less genuine.

Asserting the rights of Texans, Paxton’s statement emphasized seeking justice for those who felt compelled to use what he described as a “defective product.”

The attorney general argues that the injections were marketed through falsehoods.

Paxton sharply criticized Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration for exploiting the pandemic.

He accused Biden officials of using the pandemic to impose illegal health mandates.

According to Paxton, Biden’s pandemic policies have been enriching pharmaceutical companies in the process.

He pledged to utilize every available tool to defend citizens who were misled and adversely affected by Pfizer’s conduct.

The lawsuit enumerates five alleged infractions of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

It also accuses Pfizer of attempting to suppress dissenting voices on social media.

Specifically, the lawsuit highlights the company’s targeting of former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member.

The suit alleges Gottlieb was involved in flagging social media posts and accounts that challenged the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness, knowing these actions would have negative repercussions on those accounts.

Paxton is demanding that Pfizer be prohibited from making any further claims about its vaccine’s efficacy.

The Republican prosecutor also wants Pfizer banned from collaborating with social media platforms to stifle open discussion about the vaccine.

He is also seeking $10,000 in civil penalties for each violation and additional restitution.