The Birth Of Our Lord Jesus —Valentina Papagna


The Birth Of Our Lord Jesus

I experienced the following vision some time ago, and it has not previously been published.

In the very early morning hours, I was kneeling in my bedroom, praying, when suddenly, Blessed Mother Mary came accompanied by an angel.

She said, “Today, you receive a very special grace to see how my Son was born and came to the world.”

“People think that my Son was born the way humanity is born. No, my daughter—what you and I will experience now and see in this vision from Heaven, you will experience the reality of how my Son was born.”

All of a sudden, a beautiful vision appeared, and it was a grotto. Blessed Mother was preparing, walking here and there, cleaning and removing any dust. St Joseph was assisting Blessed Mother. He was preparing a little manger for the Baby to be born, finding and placing some straw and hay in the crib. I could also see some animals.

Many, many beautiful little angels filled the cave. They were helping Blessed Mother while she was cleaning the cave in preparation for the Birth of our Lord Jesus. Some were flying to her, helping her, and then returning to the side after they had finished.

Blessed Mother took a little square, pure white linen cloth and placed it on the crib, covering the straw so it would not harm the soft and delicate skin of the Newborn Baby.

The time was now close for the Birth of our Lord Jesus. The night was still and quiet. St Joseph was resting a little behind Blessed Mother.

Suddenly, a beautiful aura of light, in the form of a brilliant white thick mist, appeared around our Blessed Mother’s womb, covering her all around. The aura of the mist of light was so thick that you couldn’t see anything. Our Blessed Mother was so radiant and so beautiful.

At that moment, two little angels flew to Blessed Mother as the Baby Jesus appeared from her side, and with the greatest of reverence, they received Him in their hands.

Blessed Mother then took a little linen cloth, folded it, and with great reverence, humility and joy, took the little Baby Jesus from the hands of the angels and ever so gently and tenderly wrapped Him in it. She was holding Him so close, hugging Him and hugging Him. She was so joyous and happy that she was crying tears of joy.

So many angels were present, prostrating themselves before the New Born King. They then raised their heads and began singing in Latin with very high voices :

Glory, Glory to God in the Highest.

They kept repeating this canticle:

“Gloria Gloria Gloria”

“Gloria in Excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

Everything in the cave was illuminated; it was so beautiful. St Joseph then came from behind Blessed Mother, and suddenly, he saw the most beautiful vision of the newborn Baby Jesus being held in the arms of Blessed Mother.

She then gently placed Little Baby Jesus down in the manger, and she and St Joseph kneeled next to Him, one on one side and one on the other side of the manger. Blessed Mother was holding her hands in prayer, together with St Joseph admiring, adoring and praising the Newborn King.

Such a brilliant and pure light surrounded our Lord Baby Jesus, who was already smiling. He was so beautiful and clean, and no blemishes. The whole cave was all in light, with the angels continuously singing and praising Him with enchanting music that was going all the way to Heaven.

I was so taken in by the vision before me that I sang along with the angels. It was such a joy when our Lord Jesus was born.

Blessed Mother said to me, “See, on earth, they think my Son was born like humanity. I am totally pure and a virgin because my Son never touched my virginity.”

That is why our Blessed Mother showed me how Jesus came—just like the Holy Spirit came upon Mary, and she was filled with the Holy Spirit, Baby Jesus came into the world in a miraculous manner. Our Blessed Mother did not experience any labour pains.

Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus are so offended that people do not understand that His Holy Birth was supernatural and miraculous.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, and all praise, all glory and honour to our Newborn King.

Comment: Today, while I was dictating this message, I was suddenly surrounded by a most beautiful Heavenly perfume—a gift from Heaven.