The blood of the Baptist is upon the shepherds


How diabolically ironic it is that in this sacred season of preparation, the Francis Vatican has promulgated a new declaration that approves of the blessing of couples who are committed to each other in immoral, even perverted relationships. It is doubly ironic, in light of the fact that Saint John the Baptist was put to death and beheaded over his public condemnation and denunciation of just such an immoral relationship.
My brothers, the blood of the Baptist is upon all shepherds and pastors who embrace or otherwise assent to this outrageous Declaration. 

I know that no true traditional priest would ever bless that which is evil. All we need do is ask ourselves, “What would John the Baptist do?” We know the answer. He would allow himself to be put in prison and put to death rather than approve of an evil union. The shepherds can remove our faculties, run us out of rectories, and even excommunicate us, but blessing evil? Not over my dead body!  

- Fr. Celatus