The most perfect love --Luisa Piccarreta

November 2, 1900 –
 One who dwells in Jesus swims in the sea of all contentments.

This morning I felt all oppressed and afflicted, with the addition that blessed Jesus was not making Himself seen. 

Then, after much waiting, He came out from within my interior, and opening His Heart to me, He placed me inside of It, telling me: “Remain inside of Me – only there will you find true peace and stable contentment, because nothing penetrates into Me which does not belong to peace and contentment.

One who dwells in Me does nothing but swim in the sea of all contentments; while, by going outside of Me, even if the soul did not bother about anything, at the mere sight of the offenses they give Me and of how they grieve Me, she already comes to participate in those afflictions and remains troubled. 

Therefore, every once in a while, forget everything, enter into Me, and come to enjoy my peace and happiness. Then go out, and do for Me the office of my repairer.” Having said this, He disappeared.

November 10, 1900 – The most perfect love is in true trust in the beloved.

As He continued not to come, I felt immersed in the greatest bitterness; my soul was tortured in a thousand ways. Then I felt as though a shadow near me, and I heard the voice of my adorable Jesus, though I could not see Him, saying to me: 

“The most perfect love is in the true trust that one must have in the loved object, and even if it should appear that the object one loves is lost – then more than ever is the time to prove this living trust. This is the easiest means to take possession of that which one ardently loves.” 

Having said this, both shadow and voice disappeared. Who can say the pain I feel for not having seen my beloved Good?

Book of Heaven Vol 4