Your first indication of My second coming

Sunday, December 3, 2023: (First Sunday of Advent)

Jesus said: “My people, this Advent celebrates two comings; My coming at Christmas, and My coming after I defeat the Antichrist.  You are seeing the change in the priest’s vestments from green to purple.  The people waited a long time until I came to the earth in Bethlehem.  

You also have been waiting a long time until I will come to judge souls to hell or My Era of Peace.  

The Gospel speaks of being ready in your soul by monthly Confession. 

 Your first indication of My second coming, will be when I bring My Warning and My six weeks of Conversion.  

The evil tribulation will be after the Warning.  So be on the watch, and be ready to come to the safety of My refuges, when I will give My faithful My inner locution to leave.”