85 bishops against Fiducia supplicans

Francis' homosexual propaganda piece 'Sodoma supplicans' is ambiguous and has provoked "sceptical reluctance" and "outright rejection" from bishops around the world, Archbishop Lucius Ugorji, president of the Nigerian Bishops' Conference, has told his bishops' conference (NigeriaCatholicNetwork.com, 19 February).

Monsignor Ugorji speaks on behalf of 60 dioceses and 85 bishops. Nigeria has the largest episcopal conference and the largest Catholic population in Africa.

While documents from the Holy See are supposed to promote unity, Francis' scribblings "hurt the unity and catholicity of the Church," the archbishop said.

Monsignor Ugorji reiterates that there is "no possibility" of blessing homosexual concubines in the Church in Africa.

He adds that "homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity, which are intrinsically disordered and, above all, contrary to natural law" [which applies throughout the world, including the Casa Santa Marta].