Believe that I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you

Suicidal are the souls who, reading and knowing what Heaven has prepared to purify you, do not mend their ways and do not change their lives. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

Children of God, your foolishness is incomprehensible. You are warned of punishments, catastrophes, signs that will precede the end times, and many of you do not even flinch before the things announced, and you take them as a joke. I, the Spirit of God, speak to you.

How can you live so indifferent to the things of Heaven? How can you ignore all that Heaven is trying to communicate to you in order to save you from all that is to come? Your disbelief is hurtful and your indifference is humiliating, because you do not want to acknowledge the voice of the Spirit who speaks to you again and again, not only through heavenly communications, but also to your heart, in dreams, in circumstances. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

You must, children of God, take seriously all that you live, all that happens to you, you must fortify your faith which will be the best weapon for the last times and the terrible confusion that will enter the Holy Church, you must increase your faith with pious acts with your spiritual life plan by living it more strictly, by adding other pious things that will help you and instruct you. Children of God, wake up from your mortal lethargy and believe. Believe that I, the Spirit of God, speak to you.

Already the Redeemer also met with skepticism, indifference and even mockery in the many masses of people who came to listen to Him. If He were to come again, the same thing would happen today, because no matter how much I try to touch your hearts, to give you light in your minds, you poor miserable souls do not want to hear My voice and you reject it, but you hear the voice of Satan who diabolically incites you again and again to sin, to discord, to hatred, to lies, to fraud. I, the Spirit of God, speak to you.

In these times of apostasy, of degradation, of most serious sins, turn to the devotion and love of Your Holy Mother Mary and learn from Her the submission, availability and charity that moved Her to work and to pray to Almighty God for the good of souls and for the fruits of the Redemption of Her Divine Son. I, Spirit of God, speak to you and instruct you. The peace of the Most Holy Trinity be with you all.