"Bergoglio is not the Pope” posters


Heads are exploding throughout the Italian peninsula as “Bergoglio is not the Pope” posters are popping up across the country. Andrea Cionci asked me to republish an article of his on the phenomenon.

After Sulmona, it is now the turn of Teramo. Abruzzo proves to be a particularly active region in denouncing the ongoing anti-papacy.

After Sulmona, it is now the turn of Teramo. Abruzzo, the land of the Holy Face of Manoppello, the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano and so many other important faith realities, proves to be a particularly active region in denouncing the ongoing anti-papacy.

The posters, financed by private citizens and duly authorized by the City Council, appeared yesterday along the streets of the city of Teramo, Abruzzo. The writing on the posters states "Bergoglio is not the Pope pursuant to Art. 76 and 77 of the Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis. The 2013 conclave was invalid because the Pope was not abdicatory, therefore the See of Peter was USURPED."

This trivial legal issue can be ascertained by anyone on the Vatican website by consulting the Declaratio (in Latin) and the Universi Dominici Gregis. Benedict XVI, in order to abdicate validly, had to renounce the Petrine munus, while he declared to renounce only the ministerium. Such a case can occur only if the see is impeded, namely when the Pope is either a prisoner, confined, or exiled.

An admirable anti-usurpation device that we have reconstructed in over 4 years of investigation and brilliantly summarized in three short documentaries that you can find HERE.

If in Sulmona a few local newspapers had been outraged, without daring to challenge the issue on its merits, this time no one made a sound.

The watchword is "obscuring the Magna Quaestio," and this imperative sees both Bergoglians and traditionalist-conservatives, the so-called "una-cum", strangely together. These latter, as it is useful to recall, detest Bergoglio, consider him heretical, although surgically avoid supporting the obvious issue of his illegitimacy.

When covering up is not a suitable option, they try to challenge the issue with specious and incorrect arguments. Or, as in the case of Prof. Massimo Viglione, they carefully avoid responding to legitimate objections, such as "If Pope Benedict, as you say, created the double modernist papacy, how comes he always repeated that there was only one Pope?" Obviously, no answer was ever given.

In order to cover up the matter of the impeded see, the so called "una cum people" do not hesitate to even discredit the Holy Spirit. According to them, the Holy Spirit would have made a willfully and stubbornly heretical Pope possible. Nevertheless this is something that never occurred in over 2,000 years of Church history since it is deeply anti-theological, so much so that no laws have ever been made to depose a heretical Pope.

Thus a compact bloc has been created. This is a group made of commentators, vaticanists and bloggers who are generally close to an Archbishop whom we must now consider as schismatic. Carlo Maria Viganò, in fact, has not denied the news published by national newspapers about a reconsecration of him by the schismatic Bishop Williamson. Such commentators are part of a supposedly Catholic intelligentsia that has turned its back on the true Pope and today has bowed to the reason of state.

This supposedly Catholic area has to deal with truly fervent believers who are now beginning to roar. And Abruzzo proves us right.

The goal shared by Bergoglians and traditionalists is blatantly to sweep the dust under the rug, to pretend that nothing has ever happened according to an old clerical custom that in the past caused enormous damage to the Church such as the old practice of transferring from diocese to diocese priests who were guilty of abuse. They tried to "soothe and interrupt, interrupt and soothe," as Manzoni used to say, but this time the bomb has blown up in their faces.

This matters very little though, since a formal complaint has recently been filed with the Secretariat of State, the Vatican Gendarmerie and the Swiss Guard about a malicious manipulation of Pope Benedict's Declaratio, that the Holy Father provided only in its Latin version, as we have illustrated. HERE

Once the Vatican judicial apparatus will be set in motion, many will find themselves in trouble. And many others will permanently lose any professional reputation.