Catholic priest's book becomes best seller on Amazon!

A book written by an American Catholic priest, Father Walter Ciszek, S.J, who ventured to the Soviet Union to evangelize Russia and endured severe torture and suffering for over 20 years after being apprehended by the communist regime, is now the best seller on Amazon. The reason for this surge in sales is that it's the book used by the Hallow App for Lenten reflections. Hallow App's impact is truly remarkable, as it's helping thousands and thousands of people embrace or re-embrace their faith. The recent Hallow-sponsored Super Bowl commercial featuring Mark Wahlberg reached over 10 million people, following which the app climbed to the number one spot on the App Store, surpassing Instagram, WhatsApp, and Netflix. Over a million people are participating in Hallow's Lent challenge, which is another remarkable achievement. Another inspiring aspect you could notice is that amidst the app's success stories, the team, especially Hallow app founder

consistently attributes the achievements to Jesus, offering thanks and glorifying Him. As the App has been launched in languages including Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, I pray that it would expand further for the re-evangelization of the West and evangelization of the East.