I am coming!

Carbonia 13.02.2024

I am coming!

Soon I will astonish the world with My sudden intervention.

Beloved children: it is I Who speaks to you: your Creator God....

there is no other god but Me,

and soon you will be aware of it: for you will see Me!

Evil reigns over the whole Earth!

This Humanity has prostrated itself before Satan:

it does not want to open its heart to its God of Love,

it wanders in darkness,

it goes without knowing what will happen, ...

is sure that it is on the right path,

it denies its Creator, ...

... ... she goes to meet death.

My children, you who believe in me, wait for me with patient love...

wait for me with patient love....;

Smile upon me. Life will now welcome you in Itself, you will rejoice eternally;

Love will be in you because Love will absorb you in Itself.

Play harps and lyres, play cymbals as the King of kings passes by.

Sing, my children, sing: Veni, Creator Spiritus (Come, O Creator Spirit).

Lift up your heads to Me:

I am your Creator... I am your Father!

My love is infinite, I long for you to become "Mine" again.

Behold, the time of sorrows is coming for those who have denied Me, for those who still betray Me!

O men, who do not want to understand!

O you who live in luxury and do not want to share with the poor!

Oh you who mock My children and use them for your own personal gain!

What will become of you?

Where is your charity?

Where is your likeness to Him who gave all of Himself to save you?

O you who fear to lose your possessions on this earth, ... truly I tell you:

I will incinerate everything,

I will purify this world from all the mire that weighs upon it.

I will destroy the situations: I will take from the rich... and give to the poor.

Rectify quickly the evil that you do to my children ... so that you will not find yourselves in the condition of having to beg.

Do not turn your back on me!

Obey My Commandments!

The Ark is ready: only the Sons of God will enter it.

Poor will be those who stand before the closed door.

It is I Who speaks to you, oh men!

It is I! ... I AM!!!!


Repent quickly,

my wrath is great...

I will exterminate the wicked and raise the lowly to me!

Do not be foolish!

This saying of mine is for your salvation:


Repent! Repent! Repent!

I am coming!