Mel Gibson: ‘Prince William Is the Antichrist’

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has told staff and associates that Prince William is the antichrist and he will be the future king of a one world government ushered in by the New World Order.

According to Gibson, the Illuminati elite have gone into overdrive promoting their evil agenda on the world stage, preparing humanity for the next stage of their Luciferian master plan.

Case for the prosecution: Ice Spice, who accompanied Taylor Swift to the Super Bowl, throwing up Satanic hand symbols while wearing Balenciaga and an upside down cross. The fact this scene almost looks normal says everything you need to know about the times we are living in.

The Satanic messaging has never been so blatant and ubiquitous and Gibson has a warning for those who think this is just a game: things are about to get very crazy, very quick.

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Explaining that he has met Prince William twice and he always has demonic entities trailing along behind him, Gibson claims that William has already taken up the role behind the scenes.

Gibson has been preparing to direct Lethal Weapon 5 and staff and associates in Los Angeles have been presented with photos and video evidence that Gibson says confirms his claims.

Explaining that the first time he met Prince William, there was a demon feasting on a lamb behind him, Gibson says “everybody is talking about it” and William’s role as king is an open secret among the global elite.

As Gibson claimed, videos have been uploaded to the internet of demonic entities following Prince William wherever he goes in the world.

In 2004, the Rothschild-controlled Associated Press published a photograph of Prince William posing with a lamb like Jesus Christ, who the Bible calls the lamb of god.

To the unaware, the photo is completely innocent. But to insiders familiar with freemasonry and the Book of Revelations, Prince William is identified in the photo as the antichrist.

The antichrist has been described in art and literature as handsome and charming, and a master of lies and deception. Freemasons call him the Baphomet, or Goat of Mendes.

The antichrist is commonly illustrated with cloven hind hooves. Why is William holding a cloven hind hoof in the photograph?

According to Gibson, the photo was a secret communication by the British royal family on behalf of the the global elite announcing Prince William’s ascension to the role of Illuminati king.

“It’s actually a political position more than a religious one,” said Gibson, explaining that William’s role as the king of a one world government will be made known to humanity after a false flag global disaster brings humanity together in a state of desperation, seeking a savior which will arrive in the form of global government.

Prince William is the obvious choice for the role. As the eldest son of Princess Diana, who was sacrificed in an Illuminati blood ritual, William has been groomed for the role since birth and remains under the control of the House of Rothschild, just like his forebears.

Sir Rothschild has urged western nations to "unite as one" in order to "intervene" in Syria and overthrow Assad to "usher Syrians into the new century."

Charles will be forever known as the Great Reset King, after his notorious COP26 speech in which he called for a vast military style campaign to enforce radical climate goals on behalf of a one-world government.

This truly disturbing speech did not get enough attention at the time. But in 2024, more people than ever before are starting to wake up and understand the agenda of the elite.

Gibson is not the only celebrity with insider information dropping truth bombs about the intentions of the global elite. It seems every second Hollywood star is dying to spill the beans. There is just one problem – when they speak out, they usually die in a tragic accident soon after.

Gibson is far from the only member of entertainment industry elite dropping hints about the Illuminati’s plans. Insiders are coming forward with shocking information more than any other time in history. Celebrities are breaking down, exposing their mind control. Others like Gibson are hinting to associates about what they know.

The evidence against the global elite is damning and is continuing to grow.

The simple fact is the elite ushering humanity towards the next phase of its master plan. A one world government, led by an Illuminati king, the antichrist, is almost here.

(…) could be referring to Charles’ close friendship with Jimmy Savile, Britain’s most prolific pedophile. Or the hundreds of school children who were allegedly raped by Charles and his friends.

Britain and the Commonwealth currently have a monarch who is descended from Dracula, the tyrant who dipped his bread in the blood of his impaled victims.

Now it appears Charles is ready to step aside for his son William to assume the throne.

We have no time to waste.

In recent years, the elite have turned everything upside down. 

This is the same pope who joined forces with Bill Clinton late last year to announce that humanity must be urgently depopulated to save the planet.

The world’s ruling class have tyrannical control over the mainstream media, as well as food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses

Take a look at the results of Bill Gates and Barack Obama’s disastrous Common Core program for proof the elite are intentionally dumbing down our children.

The agenda could not be more clear.

It’s time to fight the powers that be. Education is our greatest weapon. The innocent masses – human cattle as they are known to the Illuminati – must be woken up before it is too late and we are all enslaved.

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